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Chocolate Caramel Cream Roll

Cream roll cakes Always bring me back to my childhood memories when we didn’t have many choices of sweets, but these were our all-time favorite. The softness of the sponge and pleasant sweetness of vanilla-flavored cream filling would make us want to eat 5 slices in a row. Last week I decided to make my […]

Cakes, Desserts

Upside Down Peach Cake

When summer gives you a bunch of beautiful and ripe peaches, make a light peach cake and experience heaven melting in your mouth.  The subtle sourness of peaches, combining with the cinnamon and butter flavor on the top of a dense and moist buttermilk cake layer, makes you unable to get enough of this spectacular […]


Chocolate Lava Cake

I’ve been thinking about which recipe deserves to be the first-ever recipe that I will post on my blog and after struggling with myself, I ended up with a molten chocolate lava cake recipe. These little innocent creatures may look fancy and complicated but they are incredibly easy to make and just need 6 ingredients. […]